Lectio Divina ( Divine Reading)… A prayer for this time

Lectio Divina ( Divine Reading)  is a very ancient prayer within the Christian tradition,  which consists of a slow and meditative praying of the Scriptures. In Lectio Divina, we listen prayerfully to God addressing us through a particular text of Scripture.  This ancient prayer has four “moments”,  namely, “Reading”, “Reflecting”, “Responding” and “Resting” for participants to follow.

Lectio Divina

Why not try this type of prayer with the following pieces of scripture,

Read Isaiah 43:1–7 (“I have called you by name, you are mine”). Pray slowly over the verses. What words or images move you?


Read Luke 12:22–34 (Do not worry; God cares for me as for the lilies of the field). Consider: What worries or fears do I want to let go

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