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Spiritan mission is over 300 years old.  Learn more about the Spiritan Mission today in Ethopia and Brazil by clicking on the link below.

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Explore the link between Spiritan mission and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit

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Spiritan Education Trust and Development Education School Resource 

Spiritan founder, Claude Poullart des Places, saw beyond his own needs to the needs of others who were marginalised in French society at that time and much different to himself. He reached out to help and his life was changed. Francis Libermann, the second Spiritan founder, brought that ‘reaching out’ beyond the boundaries of France to many countries around the world. Both founders set the Spiritans on a journey to a dialogue in the world for justice and peace.

Spiritans today are on ‘mission’ in five continents and present in some fifty-five countries. As Spiritans being immersed in different
cultures they become aware of our many injustices and respond by working with others in building world-wide community. This is the
work of the ‘sharing the good news’ which, in the words of Pope Francis, is to replace a ‘globalisation of indifference’ with a ‘globalisation of tenderness’.

Spiritan schools in Ireland are part of the global community founded by Claude Poullard Des Places and Francis Paul Mary Libermann. This missionary outlook inspires hope for the realisation of one world, united in peace and justice. A Spiritan education is grounded in a global vision enabling all who experience it, a realisation that our local, national and global relationships have implications for us all and are intrinsically related to each other.

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SET Faith and Mission Calendar 2020-2021

A calendar for the academic year highlighting important dates relating to Faith and Mission, as well as particular dates that relate to the Spiritan congregation.

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Concern for the Poor Resource

A four-page resource exploring the Spiritan Educational Value, Option for the Poor

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Global Vision

A four page resource based on the Spiritan Educational Value of Global vision

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Commitment to ‘Others’

A  four-page resource exploring our attitude to ‘Valuing displaced People’

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