About Us

The Spiritan Education Trust (formerly Des Places Educational Association) is a company limited by guarantee set up in 1999 by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit designated to act as Patron of the nine Spiritan schools and colleges in Ireland. Up to that time, the official Patron was the Provincial Superior of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit in Ireland, assisted by the Provincial Council.

The Spiritan Education Trust company consists of two bodies, the Members of the Company and a Board of Directors. The Members of the Company are the Provincial Council of the Congregation. The affairs and business of the Company are managed by the Board of Directors. This board’s members are appointed by the members of the Company.

An Executive Education officer, a Faith and Mission Officer, as well as a Financial Officer, are employed by the Board of Directors. The Chairman and all other Directors of the Board give of their time and expertise voluntarily. The trust encourages education policies, programmes and practices which nurture and develop the abilities, talents and interests of each person in ways that promote and champion active local and global citizenship and solidarity with people who are marginalized.

The Charity Number for the Spiritan Education Trust is 20040505

Key Characteristics of our School Network

  • An Environment supportive of Christian Catholic faith
  • Harmonious development of the Whole Person
  • A Caring Community Environment
  • Global Concerns and the Mission of the Church
  • High Academic Standards
  • Social and Moral Development
  • Community Service with an understanding of Social Justice and the Care of Creation
  • Career Preparation
  • Cultural and Physical education
  • Partnership of Parents, Teachers and Community

Spiritan Core Educational Values

Openness to the Spirit
Guided by the Holy Spirit in our relationships, choices, behaviours and decisions.

A Sense of Community
Working together as a network of schools who are committed to the fulfillment of every individual’s human potential through support and advocacy.

Option for the Poor
To create an awareness of the disadvantaged in our society and to promote the responsibility for the better off towards a global society where poverty is eliminated.

Commitment to service
To follow in the footsteps of des Places by building a commitment of service to each other and to our communities.

Global Vision
Reflecting the missionary outlook of the Congregation, Spiritan education works for the empowerment of peoples and their liberation from injustice and poverty.

High Educational Standards
The realisation of each person’s holistic potential and to strive for excellence in all areas of life.

Personal and Faith Development
The moral, spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and cultural aspects of each student’s development is at the heart of the Spiritan vision of Education.