This area of the Spiritan Education Trust website explores Spiritan Ethos. This area of our website has a number of different sections.

They are; Spiritan Heritage,  Faith DevelopmentSpiritan Mission and Development Education and Spiritan Resources for today.

Spiritan Ethos and Spiritan  Education.

In Ireland today, the Education Act which gives direction to all education initiatives and institutions speaks about the characteristic spirit of a school (Ethos).

A founding principle of the Spiritan Education Trust is the belief that the Holy Spirit is present and should enliven each moment and every part of the school community. It is through this lens that we articulate the Spiritan Seven Core Values that are at the heart of each of our educational works.  These seven values are

  • Openness to the Spirit
  • A Sense of Community
  • Option for the Poor
  • Commitment to Service
  • Global Vision
  • High Educational Standards
  • Personal and Faith Development

In 2016, research was completed in each Spiritan school to look at this area of School Ethos. A publication called ‘Spiritan Schools’ was published from this research.  Hardcopies are available from Ronan Barry in the Spiritan Education Trust office.  Click here to email Ronan. It can also be downloaded from here

For the students of each of our schools, and who are the primary agents of their own education and personal and faith development, our goal is that you find in these values a measure and a guide for the life that you wish to live and for the choices that you will make both now and into the future.

For the staff of our schools, our hope is you will find in this ethos an inspiration and a road map for your teaching and pastoral care.

For all who entrust their children to the care of our Spiritan schools, we hope you find the seven core values the direction and pedagogy that you wish for your children.

The Spiritan educational ethos is immersed in this transformational education.  The holistic development (Personal and Faith development) of all in our schools is at the very heart of the Spiritan educational ethos.