The executive of SET includes four distinct but co-operating roles. The executive officer heads the team and is charged with the overall responsibility of ensuring that as trustees we exercise the functions and powers as obliged under the 1998 Education Act. The other roles are Identity, Faith and Mission Officer, Finance and property Officer and Administrative Officer.

The three main areas in which, as trustees we have rights and responsibilities are:

  • School Ethos and the Provision of an excellent educational experience for our students.

The Education Act places a legal responsibility on the trustees to:

  • Communicate the founding intention, ethos and philosophy of the Spiritans to the school Boards of Management and all the educational partners.
  • Ensure that the Schools Mission Statement, school policies, curriculum, procedures and practices are all consistent with the charism of the founding members.
  • School Finances

The trustees have a supervisory role to ensure that the best financial practices are in place in all the schools and that the accounts are maintained in a manner which facilitates transparency and accountability.

  • School Properties.

As the trustees are the legal owners of the school properties it is the responsibility of this office to ensure that the school boards adequately insure and maintain such properties to a standard fit for their educational purposes.